Hereafter Four Stars



Open October 22, 2010  -  Runtime: 2 hr 06 min  -  PG-13

Clint Eastwood directs this look into three individuals from different parts of the world struggling with the hardships of life and death, and the inevitable destiny of their lives. Clint Eastwood does a masterful job portraying the overwhelming feelings of life and the struggle with what comes after.
After a near death experience as a child, George (Matt Damon) develops the ability to communicate with loved ones that have pass on.
George is a man conflicted with his “gift” or “Curse” as he sees it. Searching for a life in the living, George is reluctant to use his gift and when his secret ability is reveled to others, they pressure him to relay messages from their dead loved ones. Inevitably some deep dark secret is unveiled during his psychic readings, destroying any chance he has of having a normal life with others, especially the women in his life.
Vacationing French journalist (Cecile De France) is shopping for gifts when a tsunami hits the small village killing almost everyone. She drowns and is fished out of the turning devastation and is brought back to the living. After her ordeal, she searches for answers to what she saw when she died. She finds that not everyone wants to know what happens when you die, especially her editor.
A little boy in London loses his twin brother in a car accident and searches for answers through the help of charlatans and rip-off artists pretending to communicate with the dead.
Their destiny is finally fulfilled in the end, showing us that there is order in the universe and that we are all connected in life and in death. Clint Eastwood has a wonderful way of letting the story tell itself, as if he is just filming people’s lives without making any one character more important than the other. There were times when I thought the story was dragging, but overall I enjoyed this movie tremendously and would recommend it to everyone. If you see this film, let me know what you thought about it.

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