Golden Globe Awards - Why The Social Network was the winner?

And the Winner is...
So the big winner of the night was “The Social Network”, and although it was good, it definitely didn’t deserve the overwhelming recognition it received. In my opinion, the best movie of 2010 was Inception. But because of the complexity of the plot, a lot of people disagree with me. They just couldn’t follow the twists and turns the movie takes. So many more people could follow the how I made a billion dollar plot line of “The Social Network” that it was sure to be the favorite of most of my friends, not to mention the 500,000,000 fans of Facebook.
Although I thought the plot was simple, as most true stories are, I did love the wonderfully written screenplay, written by Arron Sorkin. Arron has written some amazing screenplays, like “A Few Good Men”, “The American President”, and “Malice” to name a few. He was also the creator of one of my all time favorite TV series, “The West Wing”. It’s always nice to hear incredibly well written lines coming out of incredible actors. With lines like “A million dollars isn’t cool. You know what’s cool, a billion dollars.” and “Bosnia, they don’t have roads, but they have Facebook.” all the actors in this movie must have had so much fun.  

Arron Sorkin has admitted, along with Jesse Eisenberg who plays Mark Zuckerberg in the movie, that he is not a member of Facebook. I think this helps him concentrate more on the characters and less on the web site. Revealing the good, the bad, and the ugly side of Mark Zuckerberg shows us the rarely seen human side of Facebook. Many people have said the movie bashes Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook, but I think that Mark is only human, and Facebook is only a business. Every business has growing pains and stuff happens when you’re rising out of obscurity. How would you act if you were him?

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